Out With The Old: Energy Clearing Techniques For Work Or Home

Whether at home or at the office, the physical space that you reside in will have an impact on how you feel. Moving into a new space, whether for living or working, will mean that an energy clearing will be in order. Pushing out negative imprints and energies, a space cleansing will allow for positivity to fill the space, making for a pleasant and ambient atmosphere. The best part is that performing an energy cleansing can easily be done! Here are just a few ways in which you get to perform an energy cleansing for your next new space. 


The use of smudging has long been a sacred and effective ritual in Native American culture. Typically used with sage, smudging is often considered the most effective way to cleanse the energy in a space and is extremely easy to do. When it comes to choosing what to burn during your smudging ritual, go with what feels right. Dried sage produces a bold, musty smoke that is on the more traditional side, while materials such as palo alto produce a brighter and sweeter scent. Using a fireproof container to hold underneath the smudge stick, be sure to cover the entire area, paying close attention to corners, doorways, and sections of the room in which you'll be working.  


Using your voice, music, or even clapping can also be an effective way to clear the energy of a room. Again, go with whatever feels right to you at the moment. If you feel the need to sing a song of praise, for instance, go for it! Perhaps you have a handheld drum that holds sentimental value for you. Walk around the area, drumming with whatever beat feels most appropriate to help rid the space of any negative energy. Rattles and clapping your hands also work well for this type of energy clearing and can be a fun way for children to join in on the fun! If you prefer to let others take care of the music, try setting a playlist of ambient sounds, nature sounds, or even a healing reiki playlist to fill the room with positivity. 


Even if you don't have tools such as smudge sticks or musical instruments, you can still clear a space! By using visualization techniques, you can promote positive energies to be allowed into the room. Sit or stand in the middle of the area you'd like to have cleansed. After taking a few deep breaths and grounding yourself, imagine a small white light that slowly increases in size. Imagine the light to bring positive energy to the room as it expands, cleansing the space and removing any stagnant or negative energy as it grows. Continue to imagine this light filling the room while stating or thinking of your intentions for the space. 

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