A Church Like No Other: What To Expect From A Non-Denominational Service

Are you looking for a different church experience? Perhaps you feel a bit stifled at your current church and are looking for something a bit more inviting and open. A non-denominational church offers the unique opportunity of preaching the gospel to others in an inclusive and unique way. Here are just a few things you can expect for your first time attending a non-denominational church service.

A More Casual Feel

One thing you can definitely expect from a non-denominational service is the casual, laid-back feel. Compared to more traditional churches, this might feel like a bit of a culture shock at first but allow yourself to relax in this environment. A casual feel encourages more people to attend church. Without having to worry about how they look, how nice their church clothes are, or what type of car they drive, churchgoers feel as though they are in a safe environment to come together as a congregation and worship. This is an excellent way to allow a church to feel more inclusive and diverse, offering the opportunity to worship as one group. 


If you've never attended a non-denominational church service before, then prepare yourself to hear some awesome tunes! Non-denominational services are widely known to have a strong emphasis on music with a variety of styles from rock to alternative. Even hip-hop or rap can be used to spread the good word. Music brings people together and always has, making it an incredible tool when it comes to helping the congregation feel like they're part of the same family. If you're not familiar with worship music, many churches have lyrics that appear on a screen behind the perfumers to make it even easier to join in.

Social Media

Another difference you will notice with a non-denominational church is the emphasis on using social media as a platform to reach others. It is not uncommon to see a live stream happen at the same time as services, allowing those who are not able to attend in-person a chance to worship alongside others in a virtual space. This is a fantastic way to reach those who may have difficulties with finding transportation or are simply not ready to attend in person at this time. Chat and social media links are also available for those who would like to learn more or have any questions regarding the church, how it operates, and what it means to become a member.