A Crystal That Might Protect You And Your Home From Negative Energy While Boosting Positive Energy

A calcite, pyrite, and fluorite protection crystal is a good choice for your crystal collection. It has the properties of three crystals in one, and these crystals differ in appearance according to size, shape, and the number of minerals they contain. Here are some of the benefits you might receive from using, wearing, or having a calcite, pyrite, and fluorite protection crystal in your home.

Protects From Negative Energies

Calcite, pyrite, and fluorite could help clear negative energies from your home. They might screen energies to protect you from negativity while allowing good energy to flow through. You might want to use this crystal when you perform an energy clearing in your home.

You might also want to wear a small crystal for protection at work or when you travel. Placing a large calcite, pyrite, and fluorite protection crystal in your home will enhance your home's decor, and it may make you feel like you're safe and protected.

Improves Mental Clarity

The fluorite portion of the crystal is associated with mental clarity, and it's even called the genius stone. You might want a calcite, pyrite, and fluorite crystal on your desk to help you focus while working and to clear negative thoughts. The crystal may also support learning new information, so you might place a crystal in your child's dorm room or their study area at home.

Attracts Positive Energies

Pyrite is also known as fool's gold. It offers protective energy when worn or carried with you. It may also support your ability to meditate, boost your vitality, help you have more energy, and attract positive energy. Pyrite is also associated with prosperity and wealth. This makes the calcite, pyrite, and fluorite crystal a good one to have in your place of business or on your desk if you work from your home computer.

Balances Your Chakras

The calcite portion of the crystal may remove negative energies and boost positive energy. This is a good crystal for balancing chakras, and it's also associated with attracting good luck. Like fluorite, calcite might be beneficial for students by supporting learning. Calcite might also be used to cleanse your aura and increase energy.

The three mineral components of the calcite, pyrite, and fluorite protection crystal have similar qualities, so they work together to amplify positive energy and repel negative energy in your home. The crystal might provide protection from negativity while offering pleasant benefits of increased prosperity, more energy, clearer thinking, and improved learning.

A large crystal would be beautiful in your home, but you can get the same effects with a small crystal that sits on the corner of your desk or that you wear as jewelry.

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