Reasons To Add A Daily Devotional To Your Morning Routine

If you are a Christian person, then you may be looking for ways to make your faith a more central part of your life. One option is to add a daily devotional to your morning routine. There are plenty of devotional books to choose from these days. You can find one specifically written for people in your age group or your stage of life or simply choose a general one that appeals to you. Regardless of which devotional book you choose, here are a few benefits of incorporating a morning devotion into your life.

You start your day with the Lord.

Even though you surely want to make the Lord the center of your life, it's easy to get distracted throughout the day. With all that work and family life require of you, it may be a struggle to keep your mind on Him. Starting the morning with a daily devotional ensures the Lord is one of the first things on your mind when you get up. When you start your day with thoughts of Him, you'll have an easier time keeping your mind on Him as the day continues on.

You'll grow in your spiritual understanding.

You've probably heard the parable about faith starting out the size of a mustard seed and growing over time. The thing is, in order to grow, your faith needs to be tended to — just like a mustard seed needs water and sunlight to grow. Doing a devotional each morning will give your faith that care that it needs to continue growing. Each devotion will deepen your understanding of the Lord and His Word even further. You'll feel stronger and more reassured on your walk with Him.

You'll learn ways to apply His lessons in your everyday life.

When you start the day with a devotion, you get yourself into the right frame of mind to apply the lessons you learned in that devotion throughout the day. And that's what the Lord wants for you! He wants his word to inspire you and shape the way you live. For example, you might have a devotion related to forgiveness. Later that very day, you can put it to use after your manager talks to you harshly and you need to figure out how to forgive them.

Browse the various devotional books for sale, and purchase one that calls to your heart. Adding a devotion to your morning routine will be life changing. Consider asking your spiritual leader for daily Christian devotional ideas.