Christian Youth Camp: A Few Tips On What To Pack

Attending a summer youth camp can be an exciting and memorable way to build relationships with your church community and learn more about God. It can also be a fantastic way to have some fun in the sun during your summer break from school. Deciding on what to pack, however, may be a little overwhelming. Here are just a few items that will be helpful to bring along during your stay at Christian youth camp.

Bibles and Devotionals

While attending youth camp, you will participate in conversations regarding the Christian faith and the contents of the Bible. Therefore, it is essential that you come prepared with your own Bible, or if you do not have one in your possession, ask a senior member of the church for a personal copy. Your Bible will be your guiding light throughout your youth camp experience as well as the rest of your life and will contain valuable wisdom, lessons, and inspiration. A devotional, though not always required, can also assist in your youth camp experience. Daily devotionals, for example, offer an excellent way to begin each morning with a reading of scripture to meditate upon. You can expect that during your stay at the youth camp, those in attendance will reference the Bible during discussions and gatherings. 

Modest Apparel

What to pack as far as clothing goes really depends on your specific church. For some youth camps, churches will require a uniform or certain colors to be worn by all those in attendance. If your church allows you to dress in clothes of your choosing, go for modest yet functional looks. Since you will most likely be doing activities such as running, swimming, or participating in sports, be sure to pack athletic wear and shoes that will provide support and cushion. Packing a dressier outfit for functions such as dances or dinners will also be recommended and will ensure you look your best no matter the occasion. As always, it's best to choose clothing that showcases the values of your faith tradition such as skirts and shorts that go below the knee, button-up shirts, and clothing that is not too revealing in any way. 

Everyday Essentials

Necessities such as toiletry items, grooming tools, and specialty items are essential for a stay at your youth camp. While your youth camp will provide basic provisions such as toilet paper and towels, be sure to pack plenty of your favorite shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and soap to guarantee your stay is as pleasant as possible. Note that some items may be prohibited such as nail polish or makeup so be sure to speak with your church leaders regarding what is considered acceptable. Since you are attending a summer camp, bringing plenty of sunscreen will ensure your skin is protected while out in the sun. Bug spray will also be a good item to bring along in case there are mosquitos nearby and will help repel any unwanted critters. 

Contact a church that offers summer church youth camps to learn more.