Things to Consider When Looking for Theology Training or Bible Schools

Attending classes or theology courses is often a very personal choice, and finding a bible college or bible study program that has the right courses for you can take a bit of research. Because there are so many variations between denominations and religions, it is often easiest to look for a school or program affiliated with the church or denomination you are part of. 

Finding The Right School

When you decide to attend theology courses, you need to start by finding a school that offers the classes you are looking for. As you search the schools that offer these courses, you can look at the school's theology to see if the course will align with your beliefs. 

Calling and talking with the school's admissions department can help you to get a feel for the school, its teachings, and other questions you may have. It is important to take your time now because if you don't, you may find yourself in courses that you disagree with, and then you are attending classes that are a waste of your time and money. 

Most bible schools will put a statement of faith on their website or other materials so you can read it and see if the school is aligned with your principles and beliefs. You may also want to talk to your pastor or members of the church you attend because some of them have very likely attended a school that taught theology courses, and they can offer you some ideas or schools to consider.

Classes Closer To Home

Some large churches offer theology classes for their members right in the church building they attend. Often, one of the pastors or someone trained in theology will hold the class a few nights a week so members can attend classes without having to travel too far. While this kind of training may not offer you a degree in theology, it can help you educate yourself in your religion's theology. These local classes are often able to provide valuable information and can be a great building block to someone who wants to learn all they can and then attend a college or bible study program later. 

These local theology courses are a good way for people coming into a new faith to learn about the history and theology of it as well. 

Local Community College Courses

Checking with the community college near you to see if they offer any theology courses is another good option. Many schools offer these kinds of classes in the same way they offer history classes. The course may be an overview of several different theologies and the differences in them. For some people, learning about many different doctrines and beliefs is interesting, so a course like this taught from a less spiritual perspective might be what they are looking for.

For more information, contact a theology course institution, such as the International School of the Word, to learn more.